Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shinjuku Ward Office address registration (28.03.2013)

This Thursday all new Hoshien residents had to go to the Shinjuku Ward office to register our new address, and sign up for the Japanese National Health Insurance. If I didn't live in any of the dorms, I would've had to go there myself, I'm soo glad we get so much guidance! :) 

The address application forms were filled out the day before at the orientation at uni, so we only had to hand in some paper to get it approved! 
The national health insurance is actually mandatory when studying in Japan, which is actually really good! So if you are in need of medical attention, you only pay 30% of the total cost! So I'm getting my teeth done here, haha. And we were reminded more than once, that plastic surgery did not fall under this insurance, haha. Ofc.

As it always is on official errands, we had to wait a lot. A looooot. But that's how the world works! :) In the meantime, we looked at some brochures, and we came across this:

The brochure name is self-explanatory. And the illustrations were sooo cute!


Then we had a break, lunch with the gang at Cafe Gusto :) 


....and then it was back to the City office again :P 

 Lovely Hoshien people! :) 

Then we finally could go home, and Thomas, Xenia and me decided to make dinner together! 

The kitchen also had a TV, and Pokemon was on! It was sooo weird watching it in Japanese though, I'm brought up with the Norwegian dub.. heh. 

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