Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My room at Hoshien! (26.03.2013)

When we got to the dormitory, we were sooo tired. But there was no going straight to bed, no no! We had to get information and rules about the dorm, and then we were given this little tour around the dorm area. It seemed okay, in OK shape. My room number tag on my keys is pink! it's like it's meant to be, hehe.

Here are some pictures from my room! 

First view of the room! 

Refrigerator, desk and shelf unit. I haaate the chair, lol. It's so sqeaky! But the fridge is brand new, and the AC is working perfectly :)  

Beeeeed! Not the most comfortable bed, I think I'm at least going to buy a new pillow.. Shit's like a stale marshmallow. The duvet is really nice though, really heavy and warm :) 

Sink and mirror. I think it's super practical to have these small boxes on the side of the mirror, lots of space for the small trinkets I have! It's already filled up with make up, circle lens cases, hairspray and lashes XDD

Narrow closet and shoe rack, phone and emergency flash light! The closet don't really have shelves, so I have to buy lots of hangers.

A small welcome note and a cute origami crane ^^

The view from my room :) I can see the back of a temple, and one of the other dorm buildings

The room is in OK shape, I've seen prettier, but I've also seen a lot worse! I think this room will be plenty enough for me, it sure is bigger than I expected! For this room, I pay 52.000 yen a month, not included water/electricity.
There are about 10 rooms per floor in my building, and lots of bathrooms. But, there's no kitchen. If we want to make food, we have to go to the kitchen one floor up :P I haven't really used the kitchen yet, so I'm not completely sure what it's like! I did use the water kettle there though, I made cup noodles.. haha. 
It's so cheap to eat out here in Japan, it's almost as cheap as making food at home :) 

If you have any questions, just ask! 

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  1. omfghfkdshgkjfdh SO JELLY!!! :O Bare utsikta bak huset var helt....ubeskrivelig >.< alt er så mye finere i Japan n_n