Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flight to Tokyo (25-26.03.2013)

On Monday I got on the train to Oslos main airport Gardemoen, where I met Thomas who flew in from Bergen.

Yeeeah. I tried vlogging on the train, but it was so awkward talking to yourself in public, haha. It takes some time getting used to! 

 Waiting for Thomas! 

Waiting for our flight, with a beer and a pear cider :) I bought some chocolate to bring with me, Norwegian chocolate is the best when you're in another country and homesick!
When we finally got on the plane for Moscow, we saw that the plane was really, really small and didn't have any entertainment.. What. Oh well, luckily the flight wasn't that long! 

 The safety manual.. Don't drive cars on the plane during flight kk? It's dangerous. k.

 Finland! Or something! 

 When we landed in Moskow and the luggage was brought inside, we saw this rouge hand luggage, Thomas was intrigued and seemed to be unable to let that go :P 

 His "Why is there luggage in top of the luggage trolly??"-face. Or something.

 Russian Burger King 8D

We went to TGI Fridays to grab something to eat and have a beer, and seriously, russian people do NOT speak English. We tried to ask where the nearest ATM was, or if we could cash out from them.. they didn't understand anything, but luckily we got help from this dude beside us! We also learned "buffalo wings" in Russian. Yeah.

Russian beer! 

So now we had to get ready for our long flight, I was kinda worried that the long flight didn't have any kind of entertainment system, you know.. Aeroflot isn't the best airline imho.. But they had a really cool one! 

 We had lots of games on our flight! Sudoku was the most popular game.

As we waited for the flight to actually get its ass up in the air, the entertainment system broke down, and was constantly rebooting. We were an hour late, and with no entertainment. And it was like this through 2/3 of the flight +_+ Oh well, at least we got food pretty often. And I kinda managed to get some sleep, hehe! After the entertainment was back online, we saw this sci-fi movie called Event Horizon, it was.. okay. Haha. 

 A bit tired, but really excited!

 Inside the plane

So (un)cool 

The flight itself was soooooOOOOOO LONG! Haha, it was ridiculous! Oh well, That's the price for living on the other side of world ;)

When we arrived at Narita, the first thing that happened when we got out into the arrival hall, a TV-team approached us and wanted an interview!! What?? I guess the purple hair was appealing.. We got asked all these questions, what we were doing in Japan, what kind of interests we have etc.. When I said I liked street fashion and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu they asked if they could see more of my clothing (like, in my luggage) and if I could do some "Kyary moves"! So embarassing, haha. 

So after that awkward interview we got together with the rest of our uni group, and got on the bus to our dormitory! 

On our way to Central Tokyo.

So tired.. haha.

Next post will be about my room only! 

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