Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 1st and so forth..

April 1st is kind of a big deal in Japan. Not because of April fools, but because the school year officially starts that day! Also, starting a new job, opening a new event etc is normal to set on the 1st of April. Why? I have no idea. If anyone knows the origin on it that'd be awesome.

Yes, school has officially started with opening ceremonies and shit, even though the actual classes don't start until Saturday 6th! Oh well, I can't complain :)
We went to campus to pick up our student ID cards, and were, mildly put, BLOWN.AWAY. What the hell was happening here?? There are people shouting, noise and music EVERYWHERE. It didn't take long until i figured it out; It was all the clubs, all the circles trying to recruit more members! Baseball teams, band clubs, soccer clubs, cheerleading clubs, art clubs... You name it! It was such a weird and fun experience, and people pushing flyers into your hands and ask if you like <insert club name> with a huge smile on their face, blissfully unknowing that my japanese isn't all that good yet.

Performance dance form called Yosakoi, which seemed reeeally fun! Such a positive and energetic way of dancing, and they were all smiles :) It'd be fun joining this club, but I don't know if they welcome gaijins.. Hm.

Red shirts underneath  

Video of them dancing: 

Doesn't it look like fun? :D 

One way of promoting your rock band club... 

Anyway here's a small vid of some of the stuff we saw!

I loved it. So energetic and positive, it was like this all over campus :) Luckily it won't stay like this throughout the year, that'd be a bit too much XD

The next couple of day were pretty chill, the weather was pretty bad (awful, actually), so we didn't do much :P On Thursday we (Thomas, Xenia, Sandra and I) went to Shinjuku to find a specific 300yen shop I wanted to go to, but we couldn't find it!! Aaaaah I need to go some time alone on a sunny day, and write down the bloody directions! Taken the shop still excists, of course. It's called YOUYOU, so if any of you knows if it still exists or not, please shout out! They don't have a web page, so it's kind of tricky to find.

At KFC Shinjuku eatin sum fried chicken! Damn good. Damn. 

Bought new glasses! Aren't they cute? They match my hair really nicely as well!

New boots! 

I actually had to buy these, because the only pair of shoes I brought had a hole in them! I had noo idea, so my feet went quickly from being perfectly dry and happy to splishy-splashy wet and... unpleasant. We had to stop buy a Forever 21, and I bought some boots. These were on sale, and really cute :) Brown isn't really my thing, but this color was so nice I thought I'd give them a go! 

Stylus pen I bought at a vending machine, so tiny! 

These are from yesterday (wednesday), we got our bank account all set up and went to eat. Seriously, I need to stop buying food out at restaurants.. it's very addicting!

Awesome building near campus. Art nouveau :) 

Flowers in bloom!  

Next post will be about the gangs trip to Ueno park! Stay tuned :) 

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