Saturday, April 6, 2013

Goofing around in Ueno Park 04.04.2013

On thursday we went to Ueno park! The was to go hanami, but since he rainfall the past days was so strong, most of the flower petals had already fallen down from the trees.. Maybe next year! But we had fun anyways, I was soo tired and happy when I got home:)

My look for the day. I tried following a make up tutorial from Eggs april issue, I'm pretty satisfied with it:) 

My girls Kirsten, Xenia and Sandra! 

Ueno! As you can see, the trees aren't that white and pretty anymore.. but we sat down under the anyway, yeah!

My crepe! Mmmh, delish.

Thomas, Oliver and Sapan looking cool

The weather was soo nice though, there were lots of people out and about! :) 

 Xenia looking cute! 

 Me advertising for beer and Thomas fiddling with a camera

 #selfie #lolhashtags

Thomas, with a single flower petal in his hair.. Kawaii deshou? (*≧▽≦) lol

 Sapan and Thomas wathcing fish.. So interesting.

 We went on pedalboat rides! 

 Happy nerd #1
Happy nerd #2

 Swans! Swans everywhere!

This little cutie came to say hi while we were eating! Look at the ears, they're dyed red, soo cute! :) 

The plum blossoms are still in bloom, gorgeous colours :) 

All in all, it was quite a lovely day, I hope the weather stays like this forever!! 

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  1. you are so lovely! it looks like you're having fun in Tokyo!