Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Last week in Norway

Heavy blog spamming incoming the next days, I have to catch up on and post everything that've happened! Originally I wanted to make videos of my trip, like vlogging, but I realized I have nooooo idea how iMovie works! Haha, so for now I'll just post pictures and individual videos. Hope that's okay! 

The farewell-parties I had the week before I left was sooo nice, it was nice seeing my family and friends once again before fleeing the country, heh. I hope a lot of my friends can come visit me here in Tokyo, I'll be able to show them great places, restaurants and shops ^^

So I also had to spend my last weekend in Norway at my friend Pernilles house in Oslo, and I had a great time! The 8,5hour bus trip down to Oslo was a nightmare though, the bus was PACKED because of easter holiday, and I wasn't really able to get any sleep.. 
When I arrived at Pernilles apartment on Friday morning we just chilled a bit. I got my passport with my student visa from the embassy while she was at work, and on Saturday I dyed my hair and fixed her sewing machines, and she cut my hair and gave it lots of healthy treatments :3

At the hair salon ^^

Later that Saturday we went to Marias birthday party, it was so much fun! I haven't seen her in such a long time, it was nice seeing her again. We ended up not going out at all, we just sat in the living room drinking, talking and just had a good time :D 

Me and the beautiful Camilla 

I don't really have that many photos from that night, not good ones anyway haha. 
On Monday 25th of March I got up, and made my last "Norwegian" breakfast! It consisted of sausage and a glass of milk... hahahah, healthy! 


So now as I've started my blog marathon (lol), I'm all pepped up for doing it all in one go! Let's see how it goes, haha. 

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