Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Orientation day (27.03.2013)

The schedule from day 1 was busy, there's always someplace we need to be! I can't for the stress to settle down a bit, and start our lectures and daily life :) 

Today we went to campus for the first time! We had to get an orientation about the dormitories, and get a quick campus tour. 
One of the first things they brought up was what to do if there's an earthquake. Better safe than sorry, I guess! lol

The picture in the corner was actually a .gif, it kept shaking haha.

Me and Sandra, from Cali! 

Jeffrey, from Hong Kong (I think) and Thomas

Some of the student community orginazations also had presentations/orientations, and one of them had som small games as well! It was really fun :) 

Sandra is the bear, I'm the bunny :3

Shigenobu Okuma, the founder of Waseda University.

A bit rainy campus tour :) 

Free lunch, yay! It seems that the Japanese really love mayo... why.jpg. There's mayo on almost anything. 

The Waseda University campus is so big and compact compared to Bergen Uni, so confusing! Hopefully I'll get adjusted to it quickly.
Later that night a few of us decided to get something to eat, and we went to this cheap Italian place called Saizeriya. The food is so-so, but it's so cheap that it doesn't have to be a gourmet meal to be enjoyed ;) 

 Oliver from Germany, and Xenia fra Russia :)

 Sapan from India and Thomas!

 Me and Thomas

I had a pasta meal and 2 beers, which cost around 75NOK.. So cheap! It's a bit dangerous, haha. I could go crazy with eating at restaurants in Japan like Norwegian tourists go crazy with drinking alcohol when they're on vacation :P I probably won't, though. I'm too stingy, haha.

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