Saturday, August 31, 2013

WIP: Galaxy Shirt


I've been busy having my summer holiday, hanging out with friends, spending time online etc. But since I recently got a sewing machine, I've been busy these past few days with a new project! So here's a little Work In Progress post! 

I went to Nippori, Tokyos textile town (yes, TOWN) a week ago for some *cough* light shopping for supplies. I saw this beyond AWESOME galaxy fabric in purple and pink in different shades, I just had to buy it!
I didn't know what to make, though, just bought 3m and hoped that was enough for two pieces of something. 

As the rebel I am, I decided to make the pattern right then and there, on the fabric. The shirt is absolutely not done yet, but for far, so good! Either I'm good with calculations, or I'm just a downright lucky lil' bastard.

But so far.. what do you think? 

Of course, it's not much to look at right now, but look at the print! I think I'm in love. I haven't made a classic shirt in... 7 years, so making one with having to make my own patterns is... exciting. And kind of scary. But that's how I roll, fuck making patterns and making muslins. But, that attitude is only when I make clothing for myself x) I'm not my pickiest client ;) 

I guess I'm halfway through, I've put in sleeves, made a button placket, sleeve splits and placket, and currently cutting out the collar. I don't have any interfacing yet, because I just had no idea what it's called in Japanese. When I figured it out, I ordered some from Rakuten, and now it's on its way! 

So I can't really do anything more now until I get my interfacing... I'm so restless! 

 Fuck pre-stitching!

I was cursing and yelling for some time before I remember how to sew a sleeve split placket (or whatev it's called), damn frustration. But, luckily after some fighting and thinking I figured it out. I have no idea if it's the most correct way, but it looks nice. Just don't look on the inside of the sleeve. Heh.

I'll make another post when it's finished! I have a feeling it's going to be a very tight shirt, though. But, then I'll have a shirt to wear over my corset! #problemsolving
So stay tuned for shirt-awesomeness!

On another note, my local 100 yen shop have already put out some Halloween decorations. HALLOWEEN. IT'S IN 2 MONTHS. The only thing that's allowed to think about this early before halloween, is costume. If you're the kind of person who likes to dress up, of course. I'm just a bit flabbergasted, why Japan, why??? Don't become like America! (Kinda too late for that though.) I wonder when they'll start advertising it in Norway. 

The decoration is kinda cute.. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I was bored. So I bought a sewing machine!

I have all-in-all been enjoying my summer holiday here in Tokyo! But, recently it only has consisted of sitting in my room trying to do something meaningful (fail), do something creative (kinda not fail) and staying out of the gross weather(success). The only times I've been going out is when I have work, and when I have to buy food, I'm that done with Japan summer heat. Seriously, fuck this weather.

So I have tried to do as I mentioned, some creative! And since I haven't had a sewing machine since I got here, I've picked up drawing again. I've bought pencils, colouring pencils, drawing ink and a new sketch book. I'll see if I can scan the photos some day, I'm not sure where I can find a scanner around here! I'm really happy with what I've created! I'm also doing a small piece that I'll submit to The Hawkeye Initiative Tumblr page, if only I could find the original photo first! Haha.

After a while I started getting a bit tired or drawing, I wanted to sew something new. But, after I made the Kumamon skirt by hand earlier I just.. can't get myself to start a bigger project without a proper machine. So, I went on Amazon and bought one!
It came in only two days. TWO DAYS. I love the Japanese postal service, it's amazing.

Here's my new baby: 

Spankin' new Singer Tradition SN-520! :)

I don't really have machine thread, so I couldn't start sewing stuff today. It was already halfway through the day, so I couldn't be bothered with going out that late. But I wanted to try it out, and had a go with it with thread made for hand sewing (it's a bit more sturdy and stiffer), it went pretty well! The machine argued a bit since the thread was wrong, but after a while it gave up and did as I said! Good boy.
I still haven't thought of a name for it yet, I'm not sure I should even give it a name since I probably will leave it here when I go back to Norway.

So since I couldn't make anything today, I decided to clean my room. It's now clutter-free and mostly nice smelling! :P I also counted all my cash savings and made a budget for the rest of my stay. I feel so accomplished! Woohoo!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)