Thursday, December 19, 2013

A quick visit to Tokyo Disneyland! (Warning: Image heavy!)

Hint: If you're going to Disneyland, don't go drinking the night before. 

Veronicas bf got sick, so we had to find another person to take his place. Luckily Jeanett was in town, so she joined us! Good thing the ticket didn't go to waste :) 

We eventually got to Disneyland around 4, and it was sooo cold! It also started raining a little bit, but we didn't mind! We just bought umbrellas and started exploring. We got to take some rides, but after a while the weather got so bad that we found it more comfy to stay inside the shops for shelter. Sooo cold and windy. But the rides we took were very nice, and mostly inside, so we got to relax a bit ^^

I think our favourite ride was the Haunted Mansion. This years Christmas theme was Nightmare Before Christmas, it was SO BEAUTIFUL. omfg. And it wasn't a regular haunted house where you walk around by yourself, but you got to sit in these carts and you got sit sit back and enjoy the ride~
And since it's Disneyland, it's super child friendly!

But after all, the weather got so bad that we decided to go home, it was getting pretty late anyway too, so ^^;; I'm glad I was able to go to Disneyland though, despite the bad weather. I'm just glad I'm now able to say that I've been to Disneyland! 

Now for the picture spam:

Cinderellas dress


Strangest curry I've ever eaten.

Haunted mansion ♥

I absolutely recommend coming here, but check the weather report first ;)

Bye for now, Disneyland!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

November is coming to a close...

...brace yourselves, Christmas is coming! 

And, Japan is actually, ACTUALLY getting a bit colder. But still, for a Norwegian such as myself, I still won't admit that it's cold, just colder. Ah, the winter pride of a Norwegian when in warmer climates. I have found the perfect winter jacket, that will keep me warm not only here in Tokyo, but also nice and toasty when I get back to Norway! ...But I can't afford it. Maybe I can get it as an early Christmas present, anyone? *COUGHCOUGH*

I haven't done much lately. School, being home, going out with Emilie~
The end of the semester is slowly (?) coming to a close. And with that, my stay here in Japan will be over. I have started thinking about plane tickets home, what stuff I should pack or throw away, how long I should stay after uni ends... Sigh. There's so much to think about! And when I do get home, where do I go from there? First of all I need to get a job as quickly as possible, so I can get my own place! But what kind of job? And where would I live? Oslo? Trondheim? Northern parts of Norway out in the middle of nowhere?
The latter is seriously concidered, btw. I would love to live in a small house with a pet, and lots of room to use for hobbies. But, I don't have a driver's license so I will be stuck in said house..
One thing is for sure; I'm never ever ever going back to Bergen.

Some pictures from November~

Click on the pictures to make them bigger! 

New boots from GLAD NEWS. I luv em.
From Waseda University Festival. 
The traditional Christmas Colonel from KFC in Shimokitazawa
Class on ancient kanjis
Party Hard at Bar PSY with Emilie and Eva!
Kabuki with my culture class. Beautiful scene curtain!
Evening at Takanobaba
Illumination outside Shinjuku Station
Autumn has finally come to Waseda University :)
Thank you for looking!

Friday, November 15, 2013

October; In short

October is where everything went to hell and back. 

God, so much paperwork, stress about class registration, mountains of homework even before class had started and a head that kept telling me that I wasn't not good enough to deal with all this. On top of this, a family situation occured that sent me even further down. And myself. And (almost) everybody else. I kinda wanted to go home to Norway.
It wasn't a good start.. 

But. BUT.
This month was also a happy one as well, because this was the month my friend Emilie moved to Tokyo! 
So we're hanging out quite a lot, which makes me happy! 

We went as matching dead/zombie school girls for Halloween, and we went to both the Tokyo Decadance Halloween party, and the less pretentious celebration at Bar Psy a week later! We got a surprising amount of "KAWAIII" comments instead of "omfg what the hell" comments from stranges out in the streets, hehe. Had a lot of fun, but can't wait until next year, when I'll (hopefully) have the time to make my own costume from scratch!

Emilie, me and randoms at Bar Psys Halloween celebration... yeah.
I played a lot of Skyrim
I played a lot of Pokemon, and ate Mos Burger frequently (I still do)
I also started drawing again! 

So even though it started out as a bumpy ride, it has become better. A lot better, actually! I have plans, very vague plans nontheless, about posting a bit about a class I'm taking this semester. It's a traditional culture class, where we practice different Japanese traditional culture. It's very entertaining, and I learn a lot. It would be fun to blog about what I've learned!

November so far is good, halfway through, and it'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS LSKVHFL UEONGDJL
[Internal screaming]

September; In short.

September was really fun, but turned out kinda expensive... haha.

My friend Connie from Norway came to Tokyo in September~!

Things we did:






And that's about it. For several times a week, for four weeks. 

I didn't go far beyond my monthly budget.... until.... my MacBook Air died. After just 6 months of use, it decided to leave this world. It was a hand-me-down computer though, and it had a lot of overheating problems, so I guess it didn't really come as a shock. Anyway, I needed a new computer, and that fast. The Mac died just four days before the fall semester started, so I panicked a bit. I ended up buying a HP laptop computer, that also could run Skyrim. I've been wanting a proper computer that I've bought with my own money for a long time, so I guess this was it! I've always had hand-me-downs that were ready to lay down and die..So it feels good, man. Unfortunately, I did have files on my Mac that I didn't back up, so there are some videos, pictures or documents I'll never see again.

This is my new baby:

We also went to FujiQ Highland! IT.WAS.AWESOME. 
Aaaah this was the third time I've been there, and I managed to get on several rides, in all 10 times! Supah nice.

View of mt. Fuji from train.

Takabisha, meaning High flying car. Quite fitting.

In line for the crazy Eejanaika 
...illuminated Christmas tree in September? Japan.

So yeah. September was really eventful, which is the reason (I guess) why I have neglected my blog completely.

Uni is super busy as usual, but it's just recently that i started getting used to it again, so now I have more time for hobbies and blogging!

Have a nice weekend everybody! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh my..

I've just neglected this blog the last month. I'm sorry! 

I'll try to update it within the next couple of days, if I have time.
I've done lots of fun stuff this last month, and I'd love to tell you guys more about it! 

Stay tuned


Saturday, August 31, 2013

WIP: Galaxy Shirt


I've been busy having my summer holiday, hanging out with friends, spending time online etc. But since I recently got a sewing machine, I've been busy these past few days with a new project! So here's a little Work In Progress post! 

I went to Nippori, Tokyos textile town (yes, TOWN) a week ago for some *cough* light shopping for supplies. I saw this beyond AWESOME galaxy fabric in purple and pink in different shades, I just had to buy it!
I didn't know what to make, though, just bought 3m and hoped that was enough for two pieces of something. 

As the rebel I am, I decided to make the pattern right then and there, on the fabric. The shirt is absolutely not done yet, but for far, so good! Either I'm good with calculations, or I'm just a downright lucky lil' bastard.

But so far.. what do you think? 

Of course, it's not much to look at right now, but look at the print! I think I'm in love. I haven't made a classic shirt in... 7 years, so making one with having to make my own patterns is... exciting. And kind of scary. But that's how I roll, fuck making patterns and making muslins. But, that attitude is only when I make clothing for myself x) I'm not my pickiest client ;) 

I guess I'm halfway through, I've put in sleeves, made a button placket, sleeve splits and placket, and currently cutting out the collar. I don't have any interfacing yet, because I just had no idea what it's called in Japanese. When I figured it out, I ordered some from Rakuten, and now it's on its way! 

So I can't really do anything more now until I get my interfacing... I'm so restless! 

 Fuck pre-stitching!

I was cursing and yelling for some time before I remember how to sew a sleeve split placket (or whatev it's called), damn frustration. But, luckily after some fighting and thinking I figured it out. I have no idea if it's the most correct way, but it looks nice. Just don't look on the inside of the sleeve. Heh.

I'll make another post when it's finished! I have a feeling it's going to be a very tight shirt, though. But, then I'll have a shirt to wear over my corset! #problemsolving
So stay tuned for shirt-awesomeness!

On another note, my local 100 yen shop have already put out some Halloween decorations. HALLOWEEN. IT'S IN 2 MONTHS. The only thing that's allowed to think about this early before halloween, is costume. If you're the kind of person who likes to dress up, of course. I'm just a bit flabbergasted, why Japan, why??? Don't become like America! (Kinda too late for that though.) I wonder when they'll start advertising it in Norway. 

The decoration is kinda cute..