Thursday, April 4, 2013

Party time! 30.03.2012

On Friday the 29th I didn't do anything special, just more and more orientations, and went to bed after watching RuPauls Drag race... 

Me @ campus!

But on Saturday we went partying in Kabukichô! Me, Sandra and Thomas went out to eat at Saizeriya (since it's so cheap lol) close to the dorm, and then proceeded to a karaoke bar in Kabukichô. We ordered a room for 2 hours with all-you-can-drink, all in all 3500 yen. I think that's not half bad! And they don't really hold back on the liquor in the coctails as well, haha. Had to be careful with that one, being a Norwegian and all ;) 


Sandra and me! 

Me at a karaokebar.. I filmed some of our singing action, buuuut... Yeah, we're not very good at singing while intoxicated, haha! 

So after Sandra went home and me and Thomas were done singing, we went to Bar PSY! We couldn't find the place at first, so we had to ask someone. And believe me, people are sooo nice here! We went up to these guys and girls who were kinda cool-looking, and they helped us take us there personally! They couldn't find it on their phones, so they just took us there in person. Super nice of them :) The girl I talked to looked so cool, she wore a white mini dress, denim studded jacket, ancle socks and a huge cap. Her hair were in ponytails, and her make up was pretty gyaru inspired. I should've taken a picture! :P 

Now, there was a reason why I wanted to come to this Bar PSY in the first place. Three years ago, when I last visited Tokyo, Veronica, Emilie, Oda and me visited a rock bar named Rock in Current, and we had suuuuch a great time there! But last year, the club closed down, I was so sad! But I also heard that a new bar had opened with pretty much the same staff and clientele, so I figured I could go there to meet up with people ^^ It was so much fun! It was good seeing Emma, Masami and everyone else again :D  

Emma and me ^^

Thomas and Mayumi

Cash, drinks and smokes, all we need ;) 

Masami! The most decent photo I've seen of him so far :P 

Thomas, Adam and me. 

Now this guy Adam, he was/is in Tokyo for his brothers wedding, and he was at this bar all alone! So we took him along, he was really nice. We wanted to go dancing, and we ended up in this almost-empty club with okay music and poledancers. Fine by me! 

White people... XD 

Now, I tried to take some pictures of them, but the lighting was all wrong and I was drunk. Excuses, excuses XD I filmed them as well, but my computer won't upload it, for some reason.. poop! I got it! Here's the video: 

They were so strong and flexible though! And their outfits were sooo cute, with flowers and all ^^

Yeah.. the photos weren't the greatest x)

After some dancing and some more drinking, this nice chinese man helped us get back to shinjuku station (kabukichô  is bloody confusing), and I think I was in bed around 6am.. Phew! But I had such a good time, can't wait to go out in Shinjuku again :) On Sunday we were supposed to go to Harajuku, and go hanami at Ueno park, but... the hours flew and we were so tired from the night before, so we just ate and went home again x)

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