Monday, June 3, 2013

Blondie on TV??

I've been forgetting this blog. I'm sorry!!

I am blogging every week, but I tend to forget that that's the blog for my blogging class, and not my personal one. LOL.



This has happened these two last weeks.

I went to Shimokitazawa with Sandra, to do some light light light shopping! (I needed a wallet)

Kaiten Sushi! As you can see, I ate quite a lot. And it was quite delicious! 
We walked past a bar/restaurant/something with these gorgeous vintage adverts. They were really cute!
Train crossing 
Starting to get dark... 
Shop front with a gorgeous dress on display
Cute art :D
I FINALLY FOUND A PERFECT WALLET! No more loose coins everywhere!

Also, I had an appointment at a japanese hair salon. SCARY, right? 

Okay, the staff spoke English and they both had experience with nordic hair. So it wasn't that scary! I haven't been to a hairdresser I didn't know personally since I was in elementary, but that's a whole other story. 
The salon is called Dude, and is the most chill salon I've been to. Not a regular high-tech modern salon for young noisy people, but a salon with a quieter, a more relaxed atmosphere. They also had really cute paintings one the wall that I could stare at while i got my hair rinsed, and actually up-to-date fashion magazines. 
I grew tired of my washed out purple colour in thousand shades of ugly, so I wanted to become platinum blonde! It was quite the challenge, really.
I reacted to the bleach, even though he used only a 6% solution! I was really bummed about that, so my roots only were lifted to a brass colour before we had to rinse it out. I became red, and my whole body started itching. I'm just glad I didn't have to go to the hospital, and I'm glad the Dude was understanding and booked me another appointment :)

So we continued the treatment 2 days after at 10am in the morning, with toning and the cut.
Why so early? 

Because, that Sunday was the day of my TV-interview with Nihon Terebi! So I didn't want to have the ugly purple hair when I went on television hahaha 

After I was done with getting my hairdo finished, I went straight to Ginza, but for looking around and for getting to know the area so I wouldn't get lost. I tend to do that if I have to be somewhere.
The thing is, walking around in such an expensive part of Tokyo as Ginza, while you're broke... It's boring as HELL. *sigh* And even if I had money that day, I wouldn't throw it away on something stupid like overpriced brand goods, when I could spend it on food :) 

My interview outfit. They said I had to wear my Kumamon skirt, haha :D
Top: Milk
Skirt: Handmade
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: D&G
Me looking strange.
So yeah, that was the most horrible thing in my whole life, and at the same time bloddy awesome. We talked a bit on e-mail the weeks before the shooting day, they asked me different questions, I gave them answers, bla bla bla. Regular preparations.


When the interview started my tongue turned into moosh, and the interviewer suddenly spoke in a language I didn't know anything about. It's so easy to say that one is able to speak japanese after learning for two years outside Japan, but.. No, that's not it. Talking to actual people in actual situations is fucking hard. The interviewer asked new questions, even though I asked beforehand that he wouldn't because my Japanese is still not that great. So that was kind of a bummer. I'm not sure if my interview actually will air, because there was a loooot of foreign people being interviewed, so maybe they'll just pick the 5 best or something.

Nonethless, it was a fun experience! And if I'll be on TV, I'll be able to say that I've been on Japanese television! Speaking (bad) Japanese! One of my bucket list things crossed out :)

So if you have an interest in me possibly making an ass of myself on Japanese national television, tune in 8th of June, on Nihon Terebi (Channel 4) for the program ズームイン!!サタデー (Zoom in!! Saturday) from 10:30! 


ALSO: Is anybody interested in me vlogging? I kind of want to do it, but I feel weird talking to a camera. Seriously how do people do it? What will I talk about? Am I going to be funny? Am I going to be personal? What??? Aaaah haha I'm so bad at this internet stuff.


  1. (alt e hemma, så æ må logge mæ inn med livejournal-kontoen min. LOL)

    Åå, æ håpe du kjem dæ på TV! :D awesome.

    Og ja, videoblogg! Føles superkleint å prate tel sæ sjøl på kamera, men det e artig før de som sett å ser på, haha. Sugde i å videoblogge sjøl så æ hakje så mange tips menneh..

    Får skikkelig "ååæviltelTokyo"-følelse når æ ser bildan, btw. :')

    <3<3<3<3<3 osv

    1. loool haha ja æ bare "what misuaki? skjer med gammelt nick'a?" XD

      Ja ikke sant.. Men æ lure litt på hvilket språk æ ska prat på.. Har prøvd å vlogge litt på engelsk, men det virke så rart alt sammen... haha XD