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Tokyo Decadance: Versailles! 15.06.2013

Sandra and I went to Christon Café in Shinjuku, to attend Tokyo Decadances Versailles-themed party!


I'd been looking forward to this for such a long time, and was worried that nobody would want to come with me.. but luckily, Sandra was game, and we went!
It was my first time going to Tokyo Decandance, so I was quite nervous, and very excited for what I was about to experience. I had been planning my outfit for some time, and for a first try on the Versailles style, I think I did pretty well!

My outfit for the night:
Trying to find a map to Christon Cafe
At the station!
Dress: Innocent World
Shoes: H&M
Corset: Vollers

When we arrived at Christon, after a small hunt in the rain for a working ATM,  we were greeted by FABULOUS people by the elevator, and was escorted up to the party on the 9th floor. The music was pounding, in the electro/house genre. It's the same as in almost every club around the world; they have different DJ's throughout the night that specialize in different genres. Funny thing, the most mainstream DJ played first, and the obscure ones for last.. x) 

The program was filled with goodies, we saw a tehcno opera performance (lol), striptease, concert with Velvet Eden, suspension show and other stuff. It was awesome!

Opera guy getting at it. Check out those New Rocks :) 
I also met other lolitas, also from Livejournals egl community! They recognized my face, and we hung out for the night ^^ I got the feeling of nostalgia, thinking of my younger years with lolita fashion, hehe.
Lolitas :D 
More lolitas! ^^
When it looked like some show was about to start, people were gathering around, while Decadance staff handed out roses to the partygoers form the stage. Suddenly, one of the staff pulled me and other girls up on the stage! I was like "WTF lol what is happening??" and us girls on stage started dancing. After some time, I felt tired, and I wanted to drink more, so I got Sandra to help me off the stage XD

Stage pic :)
People at the door :) 
After some hours of drinking and dancing, the staff started to prepare for the suspension show. And boy, I haven't seen anything like it. I've seen suspension show before, where they hang people high under the ceiling, sometimes pushing the back and forth, but this was sooo violent haha XD 
I have a picture, but if you have the stomach for it, you could watch the video ;) (Small warning: Sound is shit, just so you know.)

Whatcha doin', rose guy?
Dunno, jus' hangin' around..  

When it started getting late/early, Sandra and I thought it was best to go home, we were sooo tired! I think I got home around 6 or something, almost passed out of exhaustion! All in all, it was an amazing night with lots of awesome people! 

The next Tokyo Decadance special party is July 20th, with an 80's theme! I'm going of course, and I've already started planning my outfit :)
If you're in Tokyo that night, stop by the Trump Room for a good 80's party! :)
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