Monday, June 17, 2013

My birthday party! 11.06.2013

Hello everybody!

Thought I'd share what I did on my birthday with you guys. This was my *whispers*25th*whispers* birthday, so I wanted to celebrate a bit! I don't think I ever really expected to celebrate me *whispers*25th*whispers* birthday in Japan, I always thought I'd celebrate it in Norway, with a rented venue with all my friends and family.. Oh well, I'll do that for my 30th or something ;)

I had a really good time! Since I don't have class on Tuesdays, I went to Harajuku by myself to do a bit of shopping. I have to remind myself never to shop by myself every again. So tempting to buy everything, haha! But since it was my birthday, I allowed myself to splurge just a little bit!

I bought a JSG hoodie with skeleton print, Listen Flavour White T-shirt, Vivienne Westwood one-shouldered purple jumper (Second hand), among other things : ) I forgot to take a picture of all the stuff, so maybe another time :)
I was also wearing my new AN*TEN*NA rocking horse boots, so at the end of the day my feet were almost crying! Haha.

Later that day, me and some friends from uni when to a wonderful place on earth called Sweets Paradise. Basically, you buy a ticket, get seated, and then you can eat as much food and cake as you want for 70~~90 minutes. And I just have to say, the cake selection is amazing!! Soooo tasty, haha.

Half-eaten cake. Yummy!

Also, Sweets Paradise has this birthday package, which was amazing(ly awkward) haha XD
They started playing a VERY cheesy version of "Happy Birthday" over the speakers in the restaurant, staff came over to our table while ringing bells, and singing the song. A lot of the other guests started singing as well, and everybody applauded after. Sooo touching and kind of awkward XD 

They also gave me a piece of cake, freebies and a picture with me and all of my guests! I have it hanging on my wall now :) I feel so lucky to have such a cool gang to hang out with, wether it's in school or otherwise! I actually got quite a bit of birthday gifts as well, I didn't expect that! Haha, sounds weird, but I actually didn't because "I'm so old" now :P

Look at my loot!
Luvz it!
After Sweets Paradise I didn't really have any plans, but I thought it would be a great idea having a couple of drinks to relax after a long day. Half of the guests went home (Tokyo life is busy ;)), and a few of us went to out drinking! As time passed, one by one people went home, and finally I went home as well. It's a miracle I was able to get up and go to school, do a test and have a drama presentation! *kind of proud*

So all in all I had a great time, hopefully next year and the next ones will be just as awesome!

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