Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 17th, Norways constitution day

Hi pretties!

Last Friday was Norways constitution day, which kind of is a big thing.

And since it's kind of a big thing, I was pretty much miserable being here in Tokyo, and not in Norway with my family, getting sober from the night before, with grandmas delicious food.

But this year...: 

授業!I had class!
Yep, I was at school. Of course! So I didn't want to dress up as I usually would. I usually wear my Innocent World rose print dress, because it's kind of similar to the Norwegian national costume, the Bunad :)

This picture is from 3 years ago(?), back when I had black hair :) 
JSK: Innocent World
Blouse: Baby, the stars shine bright
Shoes: Bodyline
Hair accessory: Moi meme Moitie
This year, I went with a black simple dress and polkadot tights.

Dress, shoes, bag: H&M
Tights: Random store
Necklace: D&G
When I got home from school I just went to bed, because I was so down. I didn't want that day to exsist unless I was back home with my family. I played a lot of My Little Pony on my Samsung Galaxy to forget the world for some time.

But....! My friend Natasha invited me to her and her fiancés place to drink a bit and watch the live broadcast from Norways equivalent to NHK, called fittingly NRK. So I threw off my black dress and put on some more fitting colours... Red, white and blue!
Norwegian flag themed outfit, yeeeah. 
I didn't have much to wear, so I put on blue jean high waist shorts, white tights and a red knit sweater :)  

Ribbon, sweater: Second hand
Shorts: Vero Moda
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: H&M
This was my face, yo. (I need to go to a hair salon ASAP!) 
So then I went to Natasha and Allys place, and had a great time! It was so nice to be able to speak in Norwegian on that very day :') 

Nice and relaxed in front of the big screen, with strawberries and bubbly :) 
Me and Natasha, celebrating with Japanese beer ;P 
Thanks to Natasha, Ally and Natashas mom I got to have some form of celebration, at least :') I'm very thankful for that! And it was very nice, we went to the local bar after the live broadcast, and had some more to drink. Talked to some nice Japanese people as well. Took a cab home, a bit more expensive than I thought it'd be since Japanese taxi drivers don't really use GPS and the address system in Japan is a mess... So I tried to explain in Japanese to the driver where he should drive, but I don't think he understood me that well. (Let's just say I had a few drinks) So ended up going kind of zig zag to my final destination; Home.

I just threw everything I had on on the floor and collapsed in my bed, but at least I remembered to remove my make up!! ^^ They day after was filled with hnnnnnnggggghhhh and GAH, but I felt better throughout the day, and went to the supermarket and bought FOOD! 

So today I made Japanese curry with those packets of ready-made sauce, you know? But, it didn't really taste like curry, because it was sooo mild, and it didn't have the distinct Japanese curry flavour to it.. It actually tasted like Lapskaus! It's a Norwegian dish, fittingly often served on May 17th, so this really reminded me of home :) Definitely bying that again! 懐かしい!

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