Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rain Season....??

So Japan has officially entered the rain season, with heavy rain all day, every d- wait what?? 
This isn't the rain I've been expecting? It's.. it's clear! As in sunny! Really sunny! 

Also, due to lack of wind, it feels more like 33 degrees..
And since I'm a fragile Norwegian:

And it's not even humid today! It's just really, really hot.

But, the Japanese have many ways to cool themselves off during this hot (and soon to be very humid) season, and I thought I'd write a little about that.

I'll start off with the most obvious.
1. Air conditioner
I am SO glad that I have an air conditioner in my dorm room! Allthough I've only been used to using it to crank up the heat when Norwegian climate gets colder, I'm slowly adjusting to using it when it's far too hot outside too! I personally like to have the setting on 18 comfortable degrees, while sitting in jammies and and tank top.

2. Fans
You can get fans in 100yen shops, people will hand them out one the street, there is always a fan near you when you're out walking in the cities of Japan! 
The fan I have is AGES old, a sensu (扇子) style fan that I got from a friend the first time she was in Japan. Close to 10 years ago, I think.. So it's a bit beat up, but it still able to do what it's made for; cooling me down when I need to :) 

Isn't it cute? :D Marie <3
3. Washcloths
When the temperature is on its hottest, you will see lots of Japanese wiping their sweaty faces with handkerchief or washcloths! This was something I just realized after I moved here. Last time I was here I bought a lot of washcloths at Tokyo Disneyland, just thinking "wow the bathing/washing culture here is really big", but after moving here I realized the Japanese often bring a washcloth with them when they're out and about! Very practical, if you ask me. 

My washcloth from Tokyo Disneyland. Cute, no?
4. Sheer/light clothing
Coming from Norway, I'm very used to wearing jersey clothing. Stretch everywhere, and if you layer it you will be warmer (of course depending on type of material). Jersey is most of the time warm clothing. So after coming I've been buying more lightweight clothing, blouses in chiffon and sheer tights.
But how the hell Gothic Lolitas survives in full head-to-toe loli outfit in 30+, I have no idea... Props to them! I find it hard to not look too "hoochy" by Japanese standards when I'm almost litteraly melting away. Bare shoulders or visible cleavage is frowned upon, but skirts so short that your butt almost shows is fine! I'm confused.


Also, since rain season is probably coming within the next couple of days: 

5. Umbrella
You will need this. Don't bother to buy umbrellas other places than 100 yen stores, you'll probably just loose it anyway! I know I am ^^;; 
Though, it seems that people here will pop up their umbrellas for anything here. If they feel oooone teeny tiny drop, it's OMG UMBRELLA. And, I've seen a lot of girls and women using them as parasols, to keep their complexion bihaku(美白), fair and white. 

These are a few points that could make your Japanese summer less excruciating, and remember to stay in the shade with SPF30 unless you want to become a lobster!

Take care, y'all.

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