Thursday, November 28, 2013

November is coming to a close...

...brace yourselves, Christmas is coming! 

And, Japan is actually, ACTUALLY getting a bit colder. But still, for a Norwegian such as myself, I still won't admit that it's cold, just colder. Ah, the winter pride of a Norwegian when in warmer climates. I have found the perfect winter jacket, that will keep me warm not only here in Tokyo, but also nice and toasty when I get back to Norway! ...But I can't afford it. Maybe I can get it as an early Christmas present, anyone? *COUGHCOUGH*

I haven't done much lately. School, being home, going out with Emilie~
The end of the semester is slowly (?) coming to a close. And with that, my stay here in Japan will be over. I have started thinking about plane tickets home, what stuff I should pack or throw away, how long I should stay after uni ends... Sigh. There's so much to think about! And when I do get home, where do I go from there? First of all I need to get a job as quickly as possible, so I can get my own place! But what kind of job? And where would I live? Oslo? Trondheim? Northern parts of Norway out in the middle of nowhere?
The latter is seriously concidered, btw. I would love to live in a small house with a pet, and lots of room to use for hobbies. But, I don't have a driver's license so I will be stuck in said house..
One thing is for sure; I'm never ever ever going back to Bergen.

Some pictures from November~

Click on the pictures to make them bigger! 

New boots from GLAD NEWS. I luv em.
From Waseda University Festival. 
The traditional Christmas Colonel from KFC in Shimokitazawa
Class on ancient kanjis
Party Hard at Bar PSY with Emilie and Eva!
Kabuki with my culture class. Beautiful scene curtain!
Evening at Takanobaba
Illumination outside Shinjuku Station
Autumn has finally come to Waseda University :)
Thank you for looking!


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    1. Byen i seg selv ekke så ille altså, men er mer personlige grunner til at jeg ikke skal tilbake~