Friday, November 15, 2013

October; In short

October is where everything went to hell and back. 

God, so much paperwork, stress about class registration, mountains of homework even before class had started and a head that kept telling me that I wasn't not good enough to deal with all this. On top of this, a family situation occured that sent me even further down. And myself. And (almost) everybody else. I kinda wanted to go home to Norway.
It wasn't a good start.. 

But. BUT.
This month was also a happy one as well, because this was the month my friend Emilie moved to Tokyo! 
So we're hanging out quite a lot, which makes me happy! 

We went as matching dead/zombie school girls for Halloween, and we went to both the Tokyo Decadance Halloween party, and the less pretentious celebration at Bar Psy a week later! We got a surprising amount of "KAWAIII" comments instead of "omfg what the hell" comments from stranges out in the streets, hehe. Had a lot of fun, but can't wait until next year, when I'll (hopefully) have the time to make my own costume from scratch!

Emilie, me and randoms at Bar Psys Halloween celebration... yeah.
I played a lot of Skyrim
I played a lot of Pokemon, and ate Mos Burger frequently (I still do)
I also started drawing again! 

So even though it started out as a bumpy ride, it has become better. A lot better, actually! I have plans, very vague plans nontheless, about posting a bit about a class I'm taking this semester. It's a traditional culture class, where we practice different Japanese traditional culture. It's very entertaining, and I learn a lot. It would be fun to blog about what I've learned!

November so far is good, halfway through, and it'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS LSKVHFL UEONGDJL
[Internal screaming]

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