Thursday, December 19, 2013

A quick visit to Tokyo Disneyland! (Warning: Image heavy!)

Hint: If you're going to Disneyland, don't go drinking the night before. 

Veronicas bf got sick, so we had to find another person to take his place. Luckily Jeanett was in town, so she joined us! Good thing the ticket didn't go to waste :) 

We eventually got to Disneyland around 4, and it was sooo cold! It also started raining a little bit, but we didn't mind! We just bought umbrellas and started exploring. We got to take some rides, but after a while the weather got so bad that we found it more comfy to stay inside the shops for shelter. Sooo cold and windy. But the rides we took were very nice, and mostly inside, so we got to relax a bit ^^

I think our favourite ride was the Haunted Mansion. This years Christmas theme was Nightmare Before Christmas, it was SO BEAUTIFUL. omfg. And it wasn't a regular haunted house where you walk around by yourself, but you got to sit in these carts and you got sit sit back and enjoy the ride~
And since it's Disneyland, it's super child friendly!

But after all, the weather got so bad that we decided to go home, it was getting pretty late anyway too, so ^^;; I'm glad I was able to go to Disneyland though, despite the bad weather. I'm just glad I'm now able to say that I've been to Disneyland! 

Now for the picture spam:

Cinderellas dress


Strangest curry I've ever eaten.

Haunted mansion ♥

I absolutely recommend coming here, but check the weather report first ;)

Bye for now, Disneyland!

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