Friday, November 15, 2013

September; In short.

September was really fun, but turned out kinda expensive... haha.

My friend Connie from Norway came to Tokyo in September~!

Things we did:






And that's about it. For several times a week, for four weeks. 

I didn't go far beyond my monthly budget.... until.... my MacBook Air died. After just 6 months of use, it decided to leave this world. It was a hand-me-down computer though, and it had a lot of overheating problems, so I guess it didn't really come as a shock. Anyway, I needed a new computer, and that fast. The Mac died just four days before the fall semester started, so I panicked a bit. I ended up buying a HP laptop computer, that also could run Skyrim. I've been wanting a proper computer that I've bought with my own money for a long time, so I guess this was it! I've always had hand-me-downs that were ready to lay down and die..So it feels good, man. Unfortunately, I did have files on my Mac that I didn't back up, so there are some videos, pictures or documents I'll never see again.

This is my new baby:

We also went to FujiQ Highland! IT.WAS.AWESOME. 
Aaaah this was the third time I've been there, and I managed to get on several rides, in all 10 times! Supah nice.

View of mt. Fuji from train.

Takabisha, meaning High flying car. Quite fitting.

In line for the crazy Eejanaika 
...illuminated Christmas tree in September? Japan.

So yeah. September was really eventful, which is the reason (I guess) why I have neglected my blog completely.

Uni is super busy as usual, but it's just recently that i started getting used to it again, so now I have more time for hobbies and blogging!

Have a nice weekend everybody! 

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