Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shibuya, Harajuku and campus hospital (This month in pictures)

I've been struggling with this cold for almost a month now, so I haven't had the energy to really blog properly, sorry about that! m(_ _)m

This post will be mostly pictures, I guess.. Even though I don't have school this week because of Golden Week, the teachers have been so kind to give us lots of homework x) So I don't have time to really write much!
Don't know what Golden week is?
Neither do I, I just know that it's a national holiday around april/may, and lasts for one week. I like it, just because there's no class. Yeeeaaah. Seems like a lot of Japanese people go overseas for Golden Week, or at least to Okinawa. I wanna go to Okinawa one day!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the last month!

Shibuya (05.04.2013)

 Aaaah, dangerous! 


My loot! 
White ripped up jeggings, lots of socks and tights and the well-known Tutuha plastic cross necklace :) 

Nights out: 

Karaoke with Thomas :) 

I love singing Ponponpon at karaoke bars, it's so quick and fun to sing!  

Clubbing in Akihabara with Thomas, Sandra and Xenia: 

 This is actually the restroom art at a club in Akihabara called Mogra... Sooo sick! 

 One of the guest DJ's. Apparently she's an idol ^^

This guy was sleeping on the same chair the whole time we were there! And that was like... for 5 hours, with UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ around him Haha.


Jacket: Adidas
T-shirt: Gina Tricot 
Jeggings: Spiga

 Takeshita dori, sooooo crowded +__+ 


 My Japanese phone, with my new strap from SBY, and two hair clips from Swimmer 

Skirt from Listen Flavour, socks from Metamorphose and socks from a random store I can't remember. MELTING SOCKS. They are awesome. 

Fancy welcome reception with free food:

Aaaaaaah dat food.
It was held at a hotel that's actually on campus, it was SO FANCY OMG. There weren't any bloody chairs though, so we had to stand through the whole thing, through the dinner as well! It was so uncomfortable standing with back half-bend eating, I felt so stressed while I was eating! So... I sat down on the floor. I'm so classy, haha.

 Huuuge Chandeliers!

Delicious food! That pasta dish.. aaaaaaah 

Good-bye party:

The last week hasn't been all happy-go-lucky, at least for me..
One day Thomas said to me "I want to home, back to Norway. I don't want to be here anymore."
And with a lot of arguing and stubbornness with the Waseda and dorm administration, Thomas left two days later. It's so sad that he wanted to go home, and that he didn't like it here.. But I guess he's happier now that he's back in Norway with his gf again!

So to say good-bye we had a last dinner out, at the classy Saizeriya, hehe. It was a fun night, but I was really sad the days after.. I felt so alone! I guess I still do, but.. I'm adjusting, little by little!

Cuties Sandra and Xenia! 

 Thomas, me and our wine baby. I'ts a 1,5l bottle. HUGE. And it's only 1050yen. Crazy.

He can rock any glasses :) 

The next day, Thomas left. And I went to school, a bit hungover and still sick from the cold. I managed to take the vocab test, and then I had to puke.. So I was sent to the campus hospital! It was quite and odd experience, since we don't really have functional nurse offices at my home uni.. I was taken so good care of! I was so sad because of Thomas leaving as well, so I was absolutely exhausted..

They almost commanded me to go to bed and rest, and I thank them for that! They were really nice, the doctor and the nurses. I was there for about five or six hours, they helped me getting the right medicine, and with the National health insurance the whole thing cost me about 2400, included medicine! Awesome.

Selfie. Because bear ears. Rawr.

2 days ago I went by myself to Nippori, the "Textile Town" of Tokyo!
It was... haha, amazing to put it simply! At first I thought there was like one small street with 10 shops or so.. Oh boy, I was wrong! I spent around 10000yen on fabric and stuff. I had to really hold myself back, shopping fabric by myself is a real challenge! I tend to splurge, and never making anything out of the stuff I've bought.

LOOK. I bought Kumamon fabric! Why? For the glory of Satan, of course! 

My small goods:) Zippers, measuring band, buttons, big buttons, etc etc

My little DIY drawer :)

When I got home I started making something out of the kumamon fabric right away! And since I don't have access to a sewing machine yet, I did it all by hand. Took me around 9 hours in all, with overlocking all the seams. Just because it's handmade doesn't necessarily mean it's not sturdy ;)


So that's what I've been up to for the last month, in addition to lectures. Phew! 
I'm sorry for the boring post, I promise to try to be a good blogger! 

Have a nice 


  1. Hurra for bloggpost! Og så fint skjørt du har sydd! :D og fine ting du har kjøpt, og og og.. ååh jeg får lyst til å shoppe, as.


    1. Ja, æ leve virkelig livet her, t tross for å ha vært sjuking <3 Glede mæ t du kjæm hit og! :)

  2. Huff du må ta vare på deg selv mer kjære deg, sove sove og sove.Spesielt viktig når du har skoleting du må gjøre. Også må du huske å drikke masse grønn te, kan tenke meg de har mer enn nok det i Japan:P

    Skjørtet du lagde var også veldig fint:D heldig som finner nesten alt i Nihon hehe

    1. Ja hadde jeg visst at det kom til å bli så ille så hadde jeg nok holdt meg mer inne, og spist sunnere.. :O Jeg blir aldri så sjuk som dette, forkjølelser har som regel forsvunnet av seg selv etter en ukes tid.. Japanske germs er nytt for kroppen min, obviously:P
      Takk takk :D Er litt farlig å ha tilgang til alt uten å måtte ta hensyn til shopping service eller shipping, hehe.