Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bergen - Melhus (WARNING: Picture heavy!)

Here are some pictures from our trip up to my home town! 
Warning: This will not be super interesting, but if you love Norwegian nature then you're in for a treat :) Maybe I'll make and upload a video with some beautiful nature as well:)

Pictures: (All pictures belong to me)

 Dad stuffing in the last of my stuff, bye bye Bergen! We started driving around 9.30am. The car was more packed than Tokyo during rush hour.

 An ice cream truck was behind us for some hours. We were very close to stop the car and buy some ice cream!

 Since I'm not used to the bright snow reflections, we stopped in Førde to buy sunglasses ^^

 Ferry! It was windy like fuck. Damn, I almost litteraly got carried away by the wind.

 Beauutiful Norwegian nature!

Moooo :) 

 More nature!

 Skogstad is a brand of outdoor clothing, but it's also my last name! So my dad showed me this store to have my picture taken :)

 Dem mountains.

 The nature scenery most of the trip was like this. Absolutely mezmerising!

 This truck was in front of us a big part of the trip, we never found out what the huge containers contained :P 

 Up over the mountains! It was reeeaally bright, had to wear sunglasses all the time. Really nice weather, with a warm sun ^^
 Starting to get dark.. 

Now this is kind of where I started to fall asleep, and the nature wasn't that exciting anymore, so I don't have much pictures from here! We arrive at my dads house around 21:00, and it was completely dark So the trip took in all 11,5 hours. We did stop a couple of times to eat and such, so it was reasonable!

So when we got home, I was greeted by this little adorable pooch! My dad and stemoms new Tibetan Spaniel, Cindy! She's just super sweet :) 

In about one hour I'm getting on the bus to Oslo, one step closer to Japan!

Days to departure: 4

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  1. Åh, fine bilder! Glemmer hele tiden hvor jævla fint Norge egentlig er:p er sånn når jeg går tur her (særlig fjelltur, damn) så plutselig bare.. HERREGUD FOR EN NATUR

    Cindy er utrolig søt! Små bikkjer <3