Monday, July 29, 2013

Sumidagawa Fireworks 27.07.2013

Last Saturday I went to Sumidagawa Firework show! 

It's the biggest firework event of the year, and it's celebrated throughout Japan. In Tokyo, they close off and area in Asakusa, along the Sumida river, where people can sit down with food and drink and enjoy the show. The show didn't really start until 1900, but it was PACKED at 1600 already! It was absolutely crazy, the Ginza subway line was incredibly stuffed with people, I kinda felt sorry for the girls who wore yukata... So hot +_+

Min picked me up and took me to where we were supposed to sit! Huang and Winnie had already been there for a while, and they looked sooooo cute in their yukata! I actually forgot my camera, so I'm using Winnie and Min's photos... ^^;; 

Min, me, Huang and Winnie! 

Minnie mouse!
JSK: Emily Temple Cute
When the fireworks started, we realized we didn't really see anything, so we moved out into the streets where a lot of other people sat. Luckily there was room for us as well, the view was pretty good ^^ When the fireworkshow started heating up, people were shouting and screaming, clapping and cheering! It looked like everybody had fun, but it sounded like a fucking zombie apocalypse.
After a couple of minutes, a strong wind started blowing... the sky kept getting darker... pitter patter... We countinued watching the show, only now with our umbrellas up. 

Suddenly, the skies OPENED UP. Umbrellas were no longer useful, and we were getting more and more soaked. Thunder and lighting overtook as entertainment, as the event crew had to stop sending up firework. And now, people where screaming because of the thunder and rain (mind you, 70% of the ~788.000 spectators were probably drunk), and now it REALLY sounded like a zombie apocalypse.
We finally got shelter in an old garage/workshop like place, where a handful of Japanese people sat and talked while they were drinking. We weren't the only ones taking shelter, there were other people there as well, from different countries! The Japanese owners rolled out clear plastic on the concrete floor, invited us to sit down, and gave us beer and snacks. 

Shelter party!
The hospitality of some people make me just.. grin from ear to ear! Despite the incredibly strong storm that came in a couple of minutes, it was a very fun day! 
It is absolutely one of the events I won't ever forget!

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