Sunday, February 24, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!


I'm Christine a.k.a Kikki, a Norwegian student who's about to move to Tokyo, Japan for a year through an exchange program. I'm taking a bachelors degree in Japanese here in Bergen, and this exchange year is luckily a part of my degree!
My love for Japanese language and culture started sprouting about 10 years ago, with my growing fascination for Lolita fashion and Jpop idol Ayumi Hamasaki. Now I am passionate about learning the language, getting to really knowt he Japanese culture, meeting new fashionable people and creating a nice network in Tokyo. I have a great passion for fashion (lol), music, maybe starting a business and in general having a great time, so I think this year will be a great one!

The road for me getting to this point in life has been long, and I've made a lot of detours through it all. But now I'm finally here; I'm moving to Japan.

3 years ago, 3 friends and I went to Tokyo for a shopping trip. The feeling I had when I first arrived was a bit numbing, but when we stepped out of Shinjuku station, it felt like my heart altmost jumped out of my ribcage. I was in Japan. I was in Japan! Woohoo! What? Seriously? This couldn't be true..! But it was, and at that time that trip was the greatest thing that happened to me, not knowing that 3 year later I was going to pack my bags to spend a whole year in the very same city.
And a funny thing is, that I'm actually leaving for Japan on the same date that I went to Japan last time! Flight leaves at the 25th, arriving in Tokyo the 26th. Small and yet great things in life, right?

So this blog will be about my adventures, university life and culture clashes in Tokyo, with stories, pictures and possibly some video blogging!
If there are questions or request on what I should blog about when I get there, please leave a comment!

Stay tuned!



  1. Yay! This will be like a neat preview for me since I'm going to Waseda in the fall \o/.

    A post on your thoughts on housing (whether you're going the student-dorm or private route) and how the classes are would be cool!

    1. Hehe, very nifty indeed.
      Ah, yes I'll try to write about these things, give a little campus tour as well ^^